There will be a £20 registration fee for every individual for your first visit, in addition to the consultation fee.This covers the time it will take to get all your details including past medical history, medication and record any allergies.        Home visits start at £100 (depending on your location and time of day/night).                                              

Consultation £60
Acupuncture from £40
Administration of injections £15 +medication cost
Dressings from £20
Sick note £30
Referral letters and basic forms from £30
Prescription only (eg anti-malarials) £30 (drugs not included)


Private prescriptions will be issued; please note that the full cost of the medication (+dispensing fees) will be passed onto you at the Pharmacy. I will let you know when I am aware that a medication may be particularly expensive.

I will let you know of all additional costs throughout the consultation and, other than the registration and consultation fees, you can opt out of additional chargeable services at anytime.